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  • Exhaust Manifold information RX8

    The header is one of the few areas where clear power gains can be had. Unfortunately, it's very hard to find isolated dyno charts of just the header gains. Pretty much every good header out there CAN make more power than stock. But it needs to be mated to the right combination of midpipe and catback. You need the entire system working together for the best gains. The header itself likely only has better power gains from OTHER power modifications. The OEM header is sufficient for OEM power levels, but can be quite terrible for higher power levels. Just replacing the header itself will give you a slight bump, but nothing really great. With more power comes more exhaust though, so at some point, the header DOES become a restriction and you can free up that restriction with most of the aftermarket headers out there. The exhaust theme will be "no restrictions" as you will see. We don't want or need 'backpressure'. As open as possible. "Long tube" headers are better than shorter ones, that attempt to mate up to the OEM compatible parts, but are relatively rare at the moment (that should change soon!)

    Note: Using a header without a heat shield will dramatically increase underhood temperatures, and it is strongly recommended that you use a heat shield. We have enough heat problems already, don't add to it
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