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RX8 Fitting a rotary revs ignition kit

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  • RX8 Fitting a rotary revs ignition kit


    This guide will take you through the process of fitting one of our Ignition Uprating Kits (including plugs, leads and coils) as available from our online store.

    Installation of the Rotary Revs Ignition Kit is broken down into three stages;

    1.Removal of the air filter and it’s container box
    2.Removal of old components and fitting of the new ignition kit
    3.Putting everything back together.

    Rotary Revs Ignition Kit Fitting Guide

    1.Begin by opening your bonnet and removing the engine cover from your engine bay.
    2.Now the strut brace needs to be removed… this is done by undoing four 12mm nuts (there are 2 on each side of the strut brace).
    3.After removing the strut brace the breather pipes connected to the air box need to be removed also. Take care here as the plastic elbow lugs are fragile and can break easily.
    4.Once the breather pipes from the air box have been removed, you will need to loosen the clip around the neck of the air box (connecting to the throttle body) by partially loosening the 10mm bolt – do not remove this completely.
    5.Next, unplug the green and the black plugs from the air box.
    6.When both plugs have been unplugged, remove the clips that attach the wiring to the air box, moving the wiring to one side and out of the way.
    7.You should now be able to pull the neck of the air box off the throttle body by pulling it towards you. When the neck of the air box has cleared the throttle body tilt it upwards and continue to lift the air box from the engine bay.


    1.Once you have removed the air box as described above, unclip the alternator wire from the bracket as shown below, to allow you a little more room to work in.
    2.When the alternator wire is unclipped from the bracket, you may start to remove the ignition leads from the top of the existing ignition coils.
    3.Once all of the ignition leads have been removed (and placed out of the way), you can then remove the four 10mm nuts that hold the ignition coils in place.
    4.As you unbolt the ignition coils, they may then be unplugged from the wiring loom by pushing down on the tab as shown below. You should then be able to pull the plug off of the ignition coil.
    5.After all of the old ignition coils have been uninstalled from the car take your new D585 ignition coils from their box, along with the wiring loom adapter from inside the plastic bag.
    6.Proceed to plug the loom adaptor into the new ignition coils, making sure the earth strap is positioned off to the right, as shown in the second image below. Then simply plug your new ignition leads into the loom, ensuring that they ‘click’ in securely.
    7.Now, take the four 13mm nuts from inside the plastic bag and place them over each of the four studs that the ignition coils sit upon.
    8.For this next step, you will need to safely jack up the passengers side of the car and remove the front wheel.
    9.When the passenger side front wheel is removed, unclip the service flap to allow access to the spark plugs and ignition leads.
    10.Remove the ignition leads from all four spark plugs.
    11.Once the ignition leads are unplugged from the spark plugs you then need to unclip them from the bracket in the engine bay and pull them out.
    12.Now plug your new D585 coils into the loom.
    13.Next, seat the bracket on to the four studs that the old ignition coils came off of and secure the ignition coils in place using the four 10mm nuts provided.
    14.When the coils are fastened in tight and secure, take your new Magnecor ignition leads from the box. Notice that each lead is labelled differently. It is important that these be fitted correctly and the right way around when connecting the ignition leads to the new coils.Starting from the front of the car, the nearest ignition coil is “L1″, followed by “T1″, “L2″ and finally “T2″.When pushing the leads onto the coils, ensure that you feel them ‘click’ into place. If you do not feel or hear this click, they two components will not be securely connected.


    1.Once you are sure the leads and coils are secure, tidy them up so they look neat and feed them down towards the spark plugs. Clip the alternator wire back in place on the lifting eye bracket.
    2.Head back down to the passenger side wheel arch and connect up the new ignition leads to your spark plugs.
    3.Refit your passenger side front wheel and safely lower the car back on to the deck.
    4.Next, attach the ignition coil earth strap to the negative terminal on your battery and tidy up the wiring using the cable ties provided, trimming off the excess after tightening.
    5.Refit your battery cover.
    6.Turn on the ignition and reset the ECU; this is done by successively pressing the brake pedal 20 times in a row. Once the the oil pressure gauge moves forward and then falls back down, the ECU has been reset.
    7.Turn off your ignition and start the car as normal.
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