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Nissan 350z Cleaning The Window Motor

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  • Nissan 350z Cleaning The Window Motor

    Borrowed from elsewhere

    I finally had a chance to tackle this little project after a lot of procrastinating. When I saw another member post that it was pretty easy and followed some instructions from the site, I decided to try it and take pics. Hopefully, you can follow what I did and save yourself a couple of dollars.

    Tools needed or used:
    1. 10mm socket
    2. 12mm socket
    3. flathead screwdriver
    4. phillips head screwdriver
    5. WD40 or another cleaner
    6. air compressor

    Also have some rags handy. Your fingers will get greasy from all the gunk inside the door panel. Give yourself plenty of lighting to work with, and take your time. Study what you're looking at and be organized about the project.

    First, here's the first thing I undid. It's the screw inside the door 'handle' which will need the flathead and then the Phillips head screwdriver.

    Then I started popping off the door panel along the bottom. In hindsight, I could have done things in a different order which I'll post here anyway.

    I took out the control panel for the windows, which I left plugged in.

    You should pop off the arm rest first. This can be done relatively easily by prying it from the rear (by the back of the door). The reason you have to do this will be evident in the pic.

    You need the armrest off to pop that clip to allow the control panel to come out. I used a flathead to push the clip in.

    It took me a while to figure this next step out, so now I'm going to save you some time. There's a small, plastic cover just inside the handle to open the door. Pull the handle back and carefully use a flathead to pop that plastic cover out. This is what you'll see.

    I then used a long Phillips head to unscrew the bolt inside that open area. Be careful not to drop the bolt unless you have a magnetic head on that screwdriver. I used needle nose pliers to get it out. Once this is done, the whole panel can come off. The panel is held on by plastic 'clips' along the bottom and sides. When you carefully pop out the panel, the whole thing should be pushed up to slide the panel off the top lip of the door. Then you'll see the inside panel.

    Use the 10mm socket to take out the army green screws along the perimeter of the panel. There are also some brass screws in the interior of the panel. Use the 10mm and 12mm socket for those. The 12mm socket takes out the nuts that hold the window rails near the bottom of the panel. Be careful not to rush the panel off. The 3 screws that form a triangle near the middle of the panel is what holds the motor assembly.

    Once you pull the panel away from the door, you'll see this.

    There's the window motor! I didn't have to unplug anything. No cables or wires or connections were disconnected. Now for the closeup of the motor housing.

    I used the Phillips head to unscrew the 3 screws holding the housing down. Don't lose those screws! Pull the housing off, and this is what you'll see. Look at how dirty the base looks just underneath the coil.

    I used WD40 and sprayed liberally along the base. I also used a toothbrush to lightly scrub the area under the coil. I forgot to mention that I also have an air compressor, which I used to spray air into the motor unit to push out any debris and excess cleaner. Make sure you have a rag wrapped loosely around the housing area so you don't get overspray.

    Now look at how clean and shiny it is compared to the pics above and this closeup.

    After I was satisfied that the motor unit was clean and the WD40 had ample time to evaporate, I used a rag to wipe down the inside of the housing to ensure no contaminants would make its way back to the clean motor. Then I pretty much did everything in reverse order to put it all back together.

    I started by putting the window motor assembly back onto the silver panel. That should definitely be the first thing you do when putting the panels back together.

    The hardest part for me was getting the silver panel lined up with the window rails and the 2 bolts along the bottom. I had to grab the silver rails (left and right in the pic), push it up and out and get the bolts into the holes in the silver panel

    Have those 2 brass nuts handy since you'll need to put them on quickly to hold the panel onto those bolts. Once that's done, you can align the whole silver panel back onto the door and use those army green screws to hold the panel on even better. I screwed them in by hand just to get them all on correctly. Then I tightened them along with the other bolts and nuts.

    Remember what I said about being slow and methodical? Just go slowly and remember what you did when taking it apart and you'll be fine when putting it back together. Be sure to use those rags to clean your hands when putting it back together. You'll know what I mean after handling the silver window rails.

    Good luck!

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