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350z underseal

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  • 350z underseal

    Well as the tittle says really 350z under sealing, when I had the car on the ramps I noticed a few bits of surface rust so was thinking of getting the car treated to a re sealing is this something I can do if. Have the car in the air or is it best to take is somewhere let the pros clean it and do it

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    is it a job you want to do? if not get the pro's in, if you dont think they'll do it to your standards then you'll have to do it lol


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      very easy to do yourself mate....get some waxi oil for inside the chassis legs etc then use underseal over everything else......but use a paper suit the underseal is hard to get out of hair/cloths etc..

      ps cover the exhaust when spraying either with old papers or blackbags...also hang paper down from the sills so none gets on the body
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        I get my mate to do mine ever year when I put it out to the garage he works in when ever I get some work done on the car , must admit it's about time it got done again .