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  • Rabster
    started a topic 350z Servicing

    350z Servicing

    OK so i need to get her serviced as the future of the car is still undecided

    the car is a 2005 GT4 Spec
    now i dont think the cam belt has ever been done on it now the car is over 6 years old is it worth considering ?

    if so is it like the IS200 where the water-pump is worth doing at the same time etc.

    i will be getting the oils etc from Opie Oils and have a spec from them for what is needed

    i have been "considering" a supercharger and opie have quoted colder plugs if i dont go for a charger will this matter in the long run ?

    i was thinking of going to nissan but is it really need i have a garage that i trust and have done work on lost of my cars now so dont see why they cant do this one....

    I think the service schedule shows it needing a P3 Service as the next point which consists of the following

    Replace Engine Oil
    Replace Engine Oil Filter
    Replace LSD Gear Oil
    NCVT Fluid Change
    Replace Brake Fluid
    Replace Air Cleaner Filter
    Replace PCV Filter
    Replace Cabin Air Filter
    Replace Spark Plugs
    Fuel Filter
    Replace Coolant

    were all into looking after the cars so anything else you recommend other than belts ?

    oh i do have an error code coming up P1283

    Air Fuel Ratio Sensor 1 Lean Shift Monitoring Bank 2

    Possible Causes
    - Faulty Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 Bank 2
    - Faulty Air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor 1 heater Bank 2
    - Fuel pressure
    - Faulty Fuel injector
    - Intake air leaks
    - Faulty Air Flow Meter

  • jj260z
    A O2 sensor is actually a serviceable item

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  • Sparkystav
    9 litres of coolant!!!!!!

    I'm not convinced by 5w oils on performance engines, everything I've read says it's too thin so I stick to what i know works 10w. But opine prob know more than me.

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  • Rabster
    OK so i think its time i did the service as the sun is out a bit now (bet it starts raining now i said that)

    Anyway here is the list
    Engine Oil
    1 x Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Synthetic Engine Oil-5 Litres
    2 x Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Synthetic Engine Oil-1 Litre

    Gearbox & LSD Oil
    5 x Fuchs Titan Race SYN 5 75W-90 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (was Silkolene SYN 5 75w-90)-1 Litre

    2 x Fuchs Titan Racing Brake Fluid (Pro Race Brake Fluid)-500ml

    Spark Plugs
    1 x NGK Spark Plug PLFR5A-11 (Opie Ref: 6240) - Set of 6

    Is it worth doing the plugs now ?

    what are your view on the above i got most the recommendation from Opie Oils and been advised that this is the fluid amount needed for the above

    Engine oil
    - with filter change 4.9 litres
    - without filter change 4.6 litres
    - dry engine overhaul 5.5

    Cooling system
    - with resevoir tank 9.0 litres
    -resevoir tank 0.8 litres

    auto transmission fluid 10.3 litres

    manual transmission gear oil 2.93 litres

    power steering fluid 1 litre

    differential gear oil 1.4 litres
    any other suggestions ?
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  • DaveEdin
    I recommend also giving it a good hoovering under the seats. Important servicing tip here people!

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  • Voodoo Vix
    The 350z has a chain not a belt so won't need changing, they just recommend getting it checked and possibly tightened past the 100k mark, but you are nowhere near that.

    Mike got my oil and filter from Nissan

    Oil 5LTR 14.64
    Oil Filter 8.40
    Crush Washer 1.20
    Coolant 5 LTR 17.95 ALL inc VAT

    (I think these are trade prices, but they weren't much more probably only 10%)

    These were the prices the oil is what Nissan use in all of them, I know its cheap, they put it on offer and never raised it again, bargain!! I can't remember the make but its fully synthetic 10W 40. On the forum they suggest this or fully synthetic 5W30, but as the other is what Nissan use and its a bargain price, I got this one lol

    Mine was supposed to have P3 but she's had/having basic this year and P3 next (only changing spark plugs when necessary - she's running perfect so why change them?)

    I wouldn't bother with Nissan, take it to a garage you trust if you really want a stamp, for the big service mine will be going to a garage, but this time round we're doing it, as long as we have proof of receipts to show what's been done then what can they do, at the age the car's are now a stamped book won't make a difference to price compared to receipts.

    The error code could be the MAF sensor, check whether it needs cleaning, it could be just a bit of dirt in there

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  • el_bandido
    Originally posted by Rabster View Post
    OK so i need to get her serviced as the future of the car is still undecided
    Rabs, the 350 is a beautiful car but I have a suspicion your heart lies in a certain turbo IS200 that is still knocking around.

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  • is300_dino
    id guess its the o2 sensor mate, multimeter will tell you wouldnt it? looks like youve listed everything else

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