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1996 180SX Type X Boost issues

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  • 1996 180SX Type X Boost issues

    So, my mate purchased a 1996 Type X for $10g. It looks amazing on the outside and had already recieved some minor upgrades to the engine.
    List as follows:
    Bosch Fuel Pump
    Greddy Boost Controller
    T28 Turbo out of an S15
    Cold Air Intake

    Off the bat, it was misfiring at idle and all the way up to 3.5krpm which was the first thing I noticed. It has been about a month now and there are sooo many problems regarding the motor now. It won't rev past 4.5krpm whilst in gear, only makes about 10psi instead of 14, running richer than Mitt Romney and the misfiring is getting worse.
    What I have in mind so far to do is replace the coil packs as I found 1 of them cracked which I did swap for a non-cracked one to test, still misfiring. Check the spark plug gap and reduce to .7mm Upgrade the Front dump pipe as it is still stock (going for a turbo back system from JJR here in Australia). Clean the AFM with some spray, test the AFM wiring for any cracks/shorts in the wiring. Get the injectors flow tested and possibly look into upgrading the fuel return.

    Any Suggestions?

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    Sound like you've the right ideas to start with. I assume the engine management is right for the engine?
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      With those mods the std ECU will compensate for the additional boost etc, however coils are a little tempremental on CA and SR engines so I could look at those first as you have said - cleaning the MAF certainly won't hurt either.

      In all honesty, I would go to the SXOC and have a nose around there as the knowledge base on your car is huge there.


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        Thanks for the replies, Its still running the standard ECU at the moment but I am looking to get an adaptronic ECU installed at the same time it gets tuned. There are a few things I still want to upgrade before it gets a tune done though, better injectors, 300zx AFM and possibly replace the FMIC to a http://www. gktech. com/index.php/sr20det-180sx-no-hole-intercooler-kit.html as it is actually illegal to cut holes in the chassis in Australia to accommodate the FMIC that is in there at the moment.
        Ill hop on the SXOC forums and see if I can find anything there.
        Cheers for the tips


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          Z32 mistake


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            I'll be honest... that doesn't sound like a boost issue, I think the boost issue is a symptom not a cause. AFM would be my first thought because it's relied on for so many things but they're not easy to test. Have you checked the cam position sensor is in the right place? They are fairly easy to calibrate provided you have a timing gun. If it's overfuelling it will be fouling the plugs so you it will get worse and worse the more you use it. Is the TPS calibrated OK, so it knows when the throttle's shut (IDL microswitch)? My CA has some idling problems at the moment so I am troubleshooting similar steps, but mine doesn't have boost to worry about like your SR In fact that's a point, I can't believe Nissan were still using AFMs in 1996?!

            Edit: Have you checked the ECU for fault codes?
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              Check for leaks in your intercooler piping, even a small split in a vacuum pipe somewhere will cause funky behaviour.

              Could the not revving past 4.5k in gear issue be it hitting fuel cut if it's modified but running a standard ECU?

              Check the voltage at the pump, you'd be best off getting a relay kit on there to give a constant feed, wires can go a bit crusty over time.