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Preamp Equalizer 1/2 Din

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  • Preamp Equalizer 1/2 Din

    Is anyone running, or ever used/had experience with a preamp equalizer?

    I have a Boss AVA1204 that i've had sitting around for a long time and wonder if could further improve the sound qualit..

    Longshot I know.

    Any help would be great.


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    i had a Equalizer set up in a few of my cars its largely dependent on the set up you have

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    • #3 question is I need a 1/2 Din EQ to round it all out. The Audiocontrol four.1 is at the top of the list but I am a bit concerned that Audiocontrol states that you must use the volume control on the pre-amp for the main volume. Doesnt make sense to me, I am using the stock H/U and want to retain all the added features. I have also seen some inexpensive 1/2 Din by Phoenix Gold, Clarion and Soundstream but not sure of the quality. ANy recommendations would be apprectiated.


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        What issue are you trying to solve mate?

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