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1zzfe Injectors to cheap to be true?!?

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  • 1zzfe Injectors to cheap to be true?!?

    Hello you lovely lot.
    Ive just signed up and im going to dive straight in with my first question.
    Now I have read a lot on here already about what is needed and I am not going to bother you all with that question again but...

    The general idea is that I am going for a 145mm pulley set up on my M62 IS200 charger. Having read lots by you guys on here i understand i will need the following;

    -145mm pulley
    -5pk820 belt
    -FCD (I have Patrics Blackbox)
    -1ZZFE injectors.

    I have everything bar the 1ZZFE injectors, I have found a set of what I believe to be the right injectors on eBay for a reasonable price but I just wanted conformation from somebody as they seem to be a bit on the cheaper side.

    Link below:

    If anybody could advise me as to whether these are okay,or if not the best place to source some semi quickly that would be great. I have a few bits on ordered and would like to get it all done before next weekend so any quick replies will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks alot guys, Jack