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Lexus is200 se

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  • Lexus is200 se

    Hi I'm looking to turbo my is 200 and looking around the web I have found a few ways to do this but which is the best for the money and has potential of more upgrades,

    2jz loads of power but initial cost is really expensive round 15k

    1jz same as above but just a bit cheaper

    1ggte been told is almost a straight swap but does the wiring need changing? And wot else is needed to convert the car ie gearbox etc

    1gfe just fit a turbo kit but pistons and rods are over 2 k so will make the conversion quite expensive

    Please I need your advice the car will be a second car soon so time is not that important

    Thank you in advance

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    Its a matter of deciding how much you want to spend.

    1GFE with gte or uprated pistons and a turbo you can push some good figures.

    1GGTE is an easy fit but parts are extremely rare and ultimately need to be custom

    2JZ is hard conversion but lots of parts available
    OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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      Wot sort of figures could I expect with a 1g-fe with 1g-gte pistons and rods and would I need the crank from the gte?

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        depends on what GTE you get, the gen 1 has a different crank so youll need that,
        the gen 2 and 3 have the same crank as the FE so you can use either.

        as for power, people are running 300bhp
        OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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          Any idea where the best place is to get some pistons and rods as I can not find any where that does them for the 1g-gte.

          Will the 7m-gte pistons and rods got?

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          • #6
            Easy an cheaper option, buy paddywaks supercharged is300


            • #7
              No 7m parts won't work
              OutlawJapClub Admin Team


              • #8
                mmm thats not good then looks like i might have to find i different root then

                Do the engines come up for sale very often? and wot is needed to wire the gte engine in? is it a big job


                • #9
                  They are rare mate, very rare, you could import one from aus?

                  To wire it in you'll need a standalone ecu or some ingenious wiring to wire the Lexus and 1ggte ecus in at the same time. Can be done though. A lad I know in Barbados has done exactly that
                  OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                    cheers stav i will have to keep looking or just get the pistons and rods for the fe.

                    Are they still available?


                    • #11
                      Not from Toyota and just as rare to find! Sorry mate
                      OutlawJapClub Admin Team


                      • #12
                        the pistons and rods i have found are from I.K.Engineering and are 1780 has anyone used the company and are there products any good?


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                          link to site



                          • #14
                            yeah almost finished has check his build lots of pics and some dyno vids of his beast...


                            • #15
                              great cheers i will email the company,

                              I best water the money trees lol