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My Gto project :)

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    Can't wait to see the paint going on

    Looking really good so far


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      Right so not updated this for a while lol so I'll just chuck up some pics on how it looks now, painted it myself (first time lol and outside my house ) also put my custom rear diffuser on........... and that's about it, the paint looks ok from a distance but not great close up but only cost me 100 so it will do for now.
      The plan is to get to some shows this year (many as possible) etc but fingers crossed I should be getting a bit of money coming my way sometime this year so once it does I'll be taking it to the next level, got big plans and already got a massive bgw on its way that I'll be having a set of custom chassis mounts made plus loads of other stuff but will update on all that as it happens

      Anyway here's the pics


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        looks agrressive mate! get yourself to the club shop and get some tickets bought for shows!
        OutlawJapClub Admin Team