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Nissan Almera GTi+T

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  • Nissan Almera GTi+T

    Hello All,

    Prompted by Facebook to get back on here and do some updates.... I am always lurking around, but haven't posted anything in a while.

    The last thread I made was on my Starlet GT which some of you may remember from the last couple of JAE's :

    Well.... that blew up....

    So... here comes a story - you may remember my Almera GTi from a while back which was this one -

    My friend bought that one off me and Turbocharged it... however it was only a matter of time before that car died of corrosion.

    So he then bought another GTi, which you may remember from a JAE a couple of years ago -

    So, the blue one and the black one combined became this:

    The above picture is how it looked when I bought it... but it had some pretty bad damage to the passenger side:

    I also thought that the 17's looked too big and out of place... so I set out to tidy it up. This included bodywork repairs, various bits resprayed and a full detail.

    I managed to get hold of some OEM wheels, which I had refurbed and powder coated, along with 4 new Federal 595RSR's -

    Once the bodywork was complete I fitted the wheels along with some extended studs and spacers on the rears to produce what it looks like now -

    I can't take credit for the actual conversion I'm afraid, but it has had my input in other ways!

    Spec as follows:

    SR20DE+T - T28 hybrid turbo (GTi-R)
    Front mount intercooler (GTi-R)
    Bailey BOV
    440cc WRX injectors
    Walbro 255 fuel pump
    Sard rising rate adjustable FPR
    Apex'i Power Intake
    Custom 3" downpipe to 2.5" stainless exhaust
    Blitz boost controller
    E-Manage Blue ECU
    BC coilovers
    Mitsubishi FTO twin pot front brakes with yellow stuff pads and grooved discs & braided hoses

    See you all in a few weeks at JAE

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    Very good update mate been through a few cars then hahaha car looks very sleek and clean mate i like that!
    OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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      I was going to have a break from modified cars when the Starlet died... It happened when I was buying a house, so couldn't commit to repairing the Starlet.... Ended up with a 300 Fiesta to run about in. Then my mate dropped this on me for a decent price, so I couldn't refuse! So I've had this just over a year and tidied it up gradually. It is still rough around the edges and the body work is still average, but it comes up well for its age.

      The next step for it is to fit a stronger gearbox. (from a Primera P11 GT-144). Which is a much stronger box than the standard Almera GTi one, so it can handle more boost. Currently running 9psi on the standard box. Anything above that will likely shred 3rd gear. I have the box sat in the garage waiting, but I haven't been in any rush to fit it as the car goes well enough as it is! The odd tickle on 12psi is allowable too :-)

      Also have a nice rocker cover which I have tidied up, so I will get that on when the engine bay has a 'seeing to'!!


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        Sounds good Dan look forward to having a good look at JAE. So do you reckon the nice and tidy rocker cover will be on by then? What sort of power does it put out?
        OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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          No, I doubt I will get it done in time to be honest, need to source some new gaskets through Nissan too. I will concentrate on the outside for now and leave the bonnet closed!! ha!

          I have no proof, but I would imagine on 9psi it would be around 260BHP (flywheel)? Based on other/similar builds.


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            Love the big turn around from old to new and so glad in a weird way u got her back

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            OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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              Glad you saved one car from two!
              OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                Originally posted by Lexuspat
                Love the big turn around from old to new and so glad in a weird way u got her back

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                Yep - to be honest it didn't take much thinking about when Ash said he was selling it! Nice to get it and put my take on it too!


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                  Any updates mate?
                  OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                    Nothing new dude!

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                      Looks really well this! One of the lads i work with runs one and i didnt realise what a rare beast they were!


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                        Originally posted by FozziArt
                        Looks really well this! One of the lads i work with runs one and i didnt realise what a rare beast they were!
                        Cheers mate!

                        Nice! Turbo conversion as well?

                        The standard GTi's are very rare, with a few turbo conversions knocking around. The majority of the Almera's have gone to scrap due to rust! However there are a few nice examples still in existence!

                        Granted it's a Grandad wagon, but it comes with an SR20 out the factory, so a great base for tinkering!

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                          Unfortunately he's not boosted it But agreed strong block makes for fun tinkering!