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IS300 2JZ-GE NA-T #no compromise

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  • IS300 2JZ-GE NA-T #no compromise

    Hey everyone, so my old car has gone creating the way for my dream project! Always wanted to do this build its had to wait its turn and now is the perfect timing for it!

    My old car was a MK1 Focus RS for anyone interested, i was pretty big into the ford scene going to nearly all the main ford shows in the calender. The Focus was running a healthy 411bhp, i had this for around 5yrs and once i completed a trip to he nurburgring it was time to sell.

    I took my time looking for an IS300, i wanted 1 which was solid with no rust. It had to be lowish miles and clean. I met almost all the plans....... i found an IS300 with just 28k geniune miles on it but .................. it was a cat c. The car itself wasnt too bad, the damage making it a cat c was front bumper, n/s/f wing, door and n/s/r door all dented from a drunk driver managing to smash every car is this poor blokes street. Not wanting to loose this car i drove 2hrs to rhyl the day it went up for sale. Quick scoot round it checking that the damage was limited to just panels and not suspension and sills, no signs of any rust and interior was absolutly immaculate. Gave it a very short drive up and down this guys street and i was happy so deposit was left.

    There was no way i was doing a long road test or driving this thing back though as it had 3 nakered tyres and all different tyre sizes! Got my mate to stick it on his trailor and dragged her home.




    From the pictures you can this thing was peppered with bird sh!t, paintwork ropey, damage on the n/s, stupid rubber strip things stuck to the bumpers, bulge in the tyre...... this would have put most people off but i could see past all this as that low miles factor was the key.

    So a quick wash later and now i could see what im dealing with



    Didnt scrub up too bad tbh i was suprised. Paintwork up close was heavily stained with bird **** and water marks. Sooooo off i went again, cleaned up the bonnet, roof and boot lid 1st with a claybar and quick detailer, after just doing a small section of the bonnet i knew i had my work cut out....


    But i carried on finishing off 2 clay bars in the process! I then hit it with the DA and 3m fast cut just 2 passes and 1 pass with the ultrafina and i was amazed....

    Now down to the fun stuff......


    I stripped it down, both bumpers, front wings, all 4 wheels and arch liners out and all undertrays removed. I must have pulled out 14lbs worth of sand off all the trays! Needless to say if this was left on the coast and not cleaned up it would have been a rust bucket! I then gave it a good deep clean of the wheel arches


    unfortunatly the car did not escape the dreaded tin worm, but it is just surface rust so shouldnt be a problem to clean up! I dried her off and tucked her away back in the garage.


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    It will be good to see what you do to it !!


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      Originally posted by Moley View Post
      It will be good to see what you do to it !!
      Whey hey there is life on this forum after all, i had just signed up and become a paid up member after jap show finale as i spotted the stand. Then once i posted this i realised how dead this place is!!


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        nice inital thread mate! please do keep the updates coming people do read them and certainly find them interesting!

        Unfortunately the ease of using facebook is hurting forums but we are determined to keep ours alive!

        Whats the plans with it once cleaned?
        OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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          Yes Facebook is the problem.
          But I don't do facebook so I get all my information here. I can't understand why people don't like to use forums now


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            Great first post.

            So future plans and the future mission for this new 300.

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            OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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              Love the information and work so far keep it up we need more people like you that goes the extra step in looking after the cars

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