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  • Supercharged Lexus IS200 SE

    hi all i thought id make a thread about my lexus is200 SE in graphite grey

    where to start this is my second is200 after i went of the road in my first one which was a sport back in january.

    this one is on a Y plate and is in Granit Sky 1C6 now all i can say is with a 3yrs old little girl and a baby boy my cash flow is slow and low so mods do come but slowly

    so heres a pic of when i got her home

    first mod was the sports grill which i got of ebay.

    then i bought a set of clear rear fog lights and some new plates as the ones on the car where broken.

    JDM my headlights and fogs

    then i painted the callipers yellow and add the lexus decals

    thought the engine bay could do with a dress up so painted some of the covers and made a custom intake and engine cover also fitted a S/S oil catch tank

    got a set a dials from the other side and fitted them in

    then decided to get creative with some Di-Noc carbon fibre vinyl so did wing mirrors and the electric window switches

    also added KANJI symbols on the side

    aslo went on a roaling road day with dan (N15_GTi) to see what we got out of her and this is the results

    so there it is my car

    now for the big list of things that need doing so anyone knows where i can get these parts or if they have one they want to get rid off let me know

    need a new rear bumper as the one on the car is damaged

    need a new front bumper or tte one for a good price

    need my alloys refurb as they are in a really bad way anyone now where i can get them done for a good price near lincoln as ive been quoted 50 per rim.

    a drivers side headlight

    as you can see this list is not huge but can be expensive so any help would be great.

    THE MODIFICATIONS from 2010-2014

    Modifications - Alloys & Tyres

    Dotz Roadsters

    EP Racing Tuner Bolts

    Wheel Refurb

    Wheel Spacers

    Modifications - Audio

    Alpine Head Unit

    Amp Bypass Lead Amp Bypass Lead

    Infinity 6x9's

    Mutant MT1202R Amp

    Mutant 12" Subwoofer

    Mutant Amplifier

    Pioneer Mid Speakers

    Modifications - Brakes

    Goodridge Braided Hoses

    Lexus Painted Calipers

    Mintex Front Pads

    MTec Breaks Drilled & Grooved Discs

    Modifications - Engine

    BMW Mini Cooper S Bypass Valve

    C-One Cooling Panel

    EP Racing Anodised Washers and Bolts

    130mm Pulley

    Front Mount Intercooler

    Patrik Black Box

    Robin H L Logo Battery Bar

    TTE Cradle

    Modifications - Exhaust

    Japspeed Exhaust System

    ToyoSports De-cat

    Modifications - Exterior

    Ebay Chrome 501 Bulbs

    EP Racing TowHook

    EP Racing Bonnet Spacers

    Figs Bonnet Struts

    Kool Tintz Window Tint

    Lexus Spoiler

    Lexus Sport Grille

    Lexuspat Bumper Respray

    Lexuspat Fog to Brake Conversion

    Outlaw Product Glass Sign

    Philips HIDs

    TRD Front Lip Spoiler

    TRS Tow Strap

    Modifications - Induction Kit

    Lexuspat Induction Kit

    Modifications - Interior

    Demon Billet Gearknob

    Demon Stainless Steel a/C Rings

    Demon Stainless Kanji Outlaw Plaque

    Demon Stainless Steel Dials

    EP Racing Headrest Cushions

    Fiat Arm Rest

    Lexus SMD Dial Conversion

    Modifications - Suspension

    Gmax Lowering Springs

    Japspeed Strut Brace

    Moley Moleys Under Bars

    TRD Yellow Antiroll Bars

    Modifications - Transmission

    Exedy Clutch
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    OutlawJapClub Admin Team

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    Looks good mate, the di-noc really is good stuff
    OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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      Your added some good touches to your car Luxuspat.

      Dial kits look really nice and from the picture the engine looks very clean.

      Wheel are in a need of a refurb as you have said, i would have the wheels Strip and dipped and sand blasted with the diamond finish.
      These will be all of 40 to 50 if there to be done well.

      Another option is to wait to the other wheels need tyre's and buy a new wheel package.

      Keep up the good work

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        cheers guys

        stav the di-noc is really good i loved what u did to ur roof i thought id start small and build up.

        lexusboy theres only one place near me which will do wheels and they want 50 per rim to respray thinking of giving it a go myself as funds are tight

        OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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          If funds are tight then you have nothing to lose by doing them yourself.

          But as there not being dipped your more than likely need to do them again in twelve months time.

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            i would love for them to be done properly and be sorted but i need my front bumper resprayed tailgate looked at as someone did a nasty repair near the drivers side fog light and the rear bumper sorting

            OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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              Looks good mate, i like the lip spoiler with the CF vinyl


              • #8
                its easy to do

                OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                  looks good,cf looks with the colour car


                  • #10
                    cheers i dont think it would work on a brighter coloured car but on darker cars ie blue black grey its ok

                    OutlawJapClub Admin Team


                    • #11
                      had a look at my wheels and as the wife is going into hospital to have my second child the car will be stood still so had a play with some WnD paper and it seems to take the damage and the rough areas off the wheels well so will get on to doing the hole lot over the next few days

                      OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                        Lovely car

                        If you don't get on with them wheels, I shall be round doing them myself!


                        • #13
                          right got some bits to have a go at sorting out my wheels so give it a go over the next couple of days

                          fingers crossed

                          OutlawJapClub Admin Team


                          • #14
                            my wheels really need a refurb and of i went to see a local company who came back with a price of 50 per wheel which i think is good however with the birth of my second child just takien place no spare cash

                            so decided to give it a go myself

                            here is the passanger front just started to sand of the damage

                            after a couple of coats of primer

                            the first coats of silver going on

                            close up of the colour i gave them

                            and on the car compared to one not done

                            OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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                              forgot to add what it looked like before

                              OutlawJapClub Admin Team