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Windscreen crack- Great...just what I need!

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  • Windscreen crack- Great...just what I need!

    I got up late this morning (too many cheeky beers last night ). I decided to wash the car, but i noticed this crack on the bottom corner of the drivers side windscreen:

    Just got back from Autoglass, they've told me its this stonechip that's caused the screen to crack:

    The Autoglass tech told me that since the chip was in the bottom heater element (the weakest part of the screen apparenty) the crack has grown due to the weight/strength of the plastic running along the bottom of the windscreen. Autoglass have told me that they will order a replacement screen in the morning (have asked for OEM Lexus glass if possible) and it should be fitted later on in the week.

    My glass excess is £70. As my car has done 125k, there are a lot of chips on my screen so I guess that this was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Any tips from anyone who has had a replacement windscreen? I know about leaking screens causing water to leak in the fuseboxes in the footwell, so I'll be asking the tech to apply lots of bonding on the screen.

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    make sure the seal the windscreen properly as water could go down you fuse box


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      Make sure the fitter doesn't cut the interior cloth trim when he cuts out the old screen, especially on the uprights. Autoglass managed to do that on my Is200 a few years ago. I wasn't happy:


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        Yeah I remember Bandit saying that if they're not careful they can cut the interior trim on the A-pillars.

        I think a common source for leaks is around where the wires connect for the bottom heated bit of the windscreen.


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          Yes they did cut through the A pillars on mine too, and had to repair them?

          But he did say if i wasn't happy with the repair he would replace them with new parts?

          Best thing to do is take the inner a pillars off before they start work then at least you know they wont be damaged


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            Originally posted by Gord
            Yer your best bet is to tell the fitter of the known problems the is200 has after new screens being fitted, and if you there keeping an eye on him there is a better chance of him doing the job right 1st time, ask him questions about what he is doing as he is going along fitting the new screen
            yea thats the best thing to do is stand out there with him when he is fitting it, that way he will fit it the right way 1st time, as you are there looking over what he is doing.


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              I agree watch over them then make sure it's done right first time, saves agro!!

              Personally I wouldn't use Autoglass cos they're a rip off, I used another company who quoted £280 LESS than Autoglass so I didn't even bother with the Insurance as it was only a Tenner more and it's the same glass cos there is only one depot in the South West where I live!!


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                Just had a call from Autoglass- they will be fitting a OEM Lexus windscreen (not a Pilkington windscreen which Autoglass wanted to fit, but I insisted on a OEM screen).

                Autoglass told me that my insurance company (Esure) wouldn't pay for a OEM Lexus windscreen, but I called Esure who told me that they would pay for a OEM Lexus screen (just had to get Esure to give Autoglass confirmation to fit a OEM Lexus screen). I want a OEM replacement screen to avoid water damaged fuseboxes, wrong colour tint, non Lexus windscreen not fitting properly etc that could happen with a Pilkington screen.

                The new screen will be fitted at the local Autoglass centre and not at my home on Saturday.


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                  Had a new (OEM Lexus) windscreen fitted on Saturday.

                  The Autoglass tech has done a good job (no ripped A pillars etc). I did warn him about leaking screens= water in the fuseboxes. The Autoglass tech said "Yeah I've seen that happen to a few IS200's, don't worry mate, I know what I'm doing"

                  As we have just had a sunny/dry weekend I left my car on the drive so I guess the windscreen has had a good chance to seal properly now. I guess the test will come when we get some heavy rain.

                  Hoping it should be ok though.

                  Edit: I asked how much a OEM screen is without claiming for it on the insurance, £470!
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                    Cool matey, sounds like a good jobs been done