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  • IS200 Paint Codes

    Amarillo (?) Yellow - 576 (flat yellow)
    Antimony Blue - 8N6 (metallic light/medium blue)
    Astral Black - 202 (flat black)
    Aztec Fire - 3N3 (metallic orange)
    Chamonix White - 040 (flat white)
    Damietta Quartz - 585 (earlier gold colour)
    Glenarvon Pine - 6R4 (metallic green - later cars ?)
    Granite Sky - 1C6 (metallic dark grey)
    Kensington Green - 6Q7 (metallic green - earlier cars ?)
    Kodiak Sky - 1D2 (only on LE models in UK)
    Montrose Blue - 8P4 (metallic dark blue)
    Pearl White - 051
    Persian Quartz - 4R4 (later, lighter gold colour)
    Platinum Ice - 1C0 (metallic silver)
    Royal Sapphire - 8M6 (metallic blue)
    Scarlatti Red - 3P0 (flat red)
    St Lucia Pearl - 062
    Strathcaron Blue - 8N8 (metallic blue)

    Let me know if you can fill in the blanks and I'll edit the list !

    *edit - found some more info and filled in a few codes that I think might be right, but need verifying
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    Originally posted by Marsdendean
    Antimony Blue - was it also called Antimony Quartz ??

    If you tell me where the paint code is located, i can help you out with this one
    I really don't know what it's name is

    The paint code though, is on the information plate at the back of the engine bay, it's the first three characters on the bottom line, here's mine where my paint code is 1C0.


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      Pearl White - 051


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        Originally posted by Marsdendean
        Dosnt the first 3 characters read 100?? (LB20)

        Am i looking in the right place or just not able to read?
        It does look kind of like 100, but the second character is a C, not a zero. The plate is at the back of the engine bay, behind the air filter box.


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          Ahah. Got there eventually . I thought it was a 0, but looking at the text you wrote, i kinda worked out it was a C .


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            Thanks guys !