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2JZ-GT Opinions?

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  • 2JZ-GT Opinions?

    I have been offered the below and wondered whether people think it'd be any good or not compared to getting a standard 2JZ-GTE?

    ''2JZ-GT which is the non turbo version but has been converted to a single HKS GT PRO turbo with HKS manifold and metal headgasket kit. It also has had extensive headwork done to it. It comes complete with ecu, wiring loom as well as a HKS F-CON PRO V GOLD ecu and its wiring loom harness''

    Presumably it'll be cheaper than modifying my 2JZ-GE although I have not discussed a price as of yet!!

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    I guess it's all a case of how much have you been offered it for really?


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      I haven't discussed a price as of yet, not sure how much this would be, checking before to see if it's worth getting into a price discussion.


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        Maybe it's just me, but I've never heard of a 2JZ-GT, is that definitely what you've been told ? The "T" would indicate turbo. When I Google for 2JZ-GT it only finds people who have mistaken the 2JZ-GE.

        It sounds to me like a 2JZ-GE engine with a turbo conversion. So it sounds like you should compare the price of swapping in an already-converted 2JZ-GE with adding a turbo to your 2JZ-GE.

        I don't think it's comparable to putting in a 2JZ-GTE.


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          It is a converted 2JZ-GE Steve, think they've just renamed it cos it is a turbo'd version of mine.

          My consideration is that with it having the head work already done and the HKS gaskets/turbo, standalone ECU etc, would it then be comparable to the GTE?

          I guess, as you say, it would then need to be cheaper than doing it all yourself, which I would have thought it would be as head work etc from scratch is expensive!!


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            Depends what exactly you're after, I guess. Has it come out of an IS300 ? Because if not, I wonder what else might be needed. Does it have an intercooler ? That doesn't seem to have been mentioned.

            I imagine a 2JZ-GTE would have better top-end possibilities for power, but maybe a 2JZ-GE with turbo would be enough ?

            What head work has been done exactly ? And how many miles has the engine done ?

            As Dan said, a lot depends on price.


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              Something else to consider is - what are the characteristics of that turbo ? e.g. is it a huge one that's going to give you lots of power but lots of lag too ? Or a smaller one that will spool up more quickly but be more limited on power ?


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                There are a lot of things to think about isn't there.

                Thanks for the inputs all things I shall go and find out, then go from there, cheers steve.


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                  They're not a very pretty conversion unless they're had a front facing intake put on, don't have the piston crown oil squirters like the GTE engine either.

                  As others have said, need to see more spec and a price to comment any further.


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                    Think the GTE also has a forged crankshaft, doesn't it ?


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                      Crankshafts are identical regardless.


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                        iirc the main difference is the oil squirters?


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                          Originally posted by dan_harris View Post
                          iirc the main difference is the oil squirters?
                          Said that two posts ago

                          Oil squirters and pistons, N/A pistons being higher compression, hence the need for a thicker head gasket to run any sort of decent boost.

                          You'd be much better buying my VVTi lump if I break the car


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                            Originally posted by Roadside Tech View Post
                            Said that two posts ago

                            Oil squirters and pistons, N/A pistons being higher compression, hence the need for a thicker head gasket to run any sort of decent boost.

                            You'd be much better buying my VVTi lump if I break the car
                            Are you thinking of breaking the Aristo then??

                            What are they likely to have done if they are saying, 'extensive head work' Is that usually valves etc?


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                              have spoken to the chap selling today, what do peeps think?

                              It is a rear end damage write-off imported Supra which he is breaking.

                              The car has 89,000 KM on it although he thinks that the engine mods were prob done nearer this mileage than the the other end but this cannot be confirmed, the car is uprated all over with the big brakes, suspension, veilside kit etc so has had a lot of money spent on it.

                              It has as said the HKS GT PRO Turbo (apparently new £1700+vat) which is apparently not prone to lag, HKS head gasket kit, manifold gaskets and plenum gasket.
                              The ECU is the re-programmable HKS F CON PRO GOLD Version 3.1.

                              With regards to the head work he states that there is a plaque riveted to the head as in pic below which says 'Head Balancer' which he is told that means that japanese tuners have had it apart, he therefore believes that the pistons have been uprated too, although cannot be confirmed. He is going to check the cams to see if they are uprated.

                              He said that it is producing between 400-500bhp but this cannot be confirmed now as not in the car, running on standard 550cc injectors?

                              He said he was offered £3000 for it and wants more??