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Mazda RX8 Starter motor replace/upgrade

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  • Mazda RX8 Starter motor replace/upgrade

    Starter motor replace/upgrade

    It's a fairly simple process but for those that don't know it will save a few quid at the garage.

    So to start you need a nice new starter motor:

    And a 10mm & 14mm spanner, 12, 13 & 14mm sockets, a ratchet and an extension bar, a jack and axel stands or ramps.

    Start by getting the front up in the air, I have ramps but axel stands are fine. Get it high enough so you can slide under and have space to move.

    Open the bonnet and disconnect the battery with the 10mm spanner. Disconnect the negative terminal (pictured disconnected)


    Locate the starter motor (under the passenger side) and disconnect the power cables. There is a clip and a 12mm bolt under a plastic cover. Squeeze and remove the clip then release the bolt cover and undo the 12mm bolt holding it in place. The whole lot will come off as one once the bolt is removed. See pics.

    Remove the lower 14mm bolt then the upper 14mm nut and bolt. The upper bolt you will need to put a spanner on one end and a socket on the other. Be careful not to let the motor fall on you. Some will easily slide out others may not. Just give it a tap with a rubber mallet. Mine just needed a wiggle to free it up.


    Old vs new:

    Time to put the new one on. Firstly line it up in the correct position and keep the 14mm lower bolt handy. Once you have lined it up put the lower bolt in finger tight but enough the it doesn't move much. Next slot the upper bolt through and get it into place then get the nut on, just a few turns to hold it on then tighten it up with the socket and spanner then tighten the lower bolt.

    Connect up the electronics, 13mm bolt, others may not but mine did. Remove the nut and washers then place the electrical connector on, the washers then the nut. Tighten adequately like you would the battery the. Plug the other connector onto the spade terminal.

    Finally, get the car down or off the ramps, reconnect the battery and start her up. You can hear a difference in the new starter.

    OutlawJapClub Admin Team