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    Although Chris (Scoff) at EFI parts does indeed supply ECU's and wiring parts as the name suggests; his true talent is with Mapping.

    After not being completely happy with my last tuner and wanting to move away from road mapping to the relative safety of dyno conditions; i set about hunting for a new mapper.

    One of my friends is heavily into Renault 5's and suggested i try EFI as they had a good reputation in the renault world. Well anyone who can make an unreliable French car go like stink must have some magic in his finger tips!

    Ive now been back to Scoff 4 times as ive changed different things on the engine; and i intend to go back again once my engine is back together to properly map my new ECU.

    He is very appraochable and will happily walk you through what hes doing; what his opinions are on improvements that could be made; and how hes getting on with the car.

    Ive only used him for Mapping; but he also fits and wires ecus for customers, and looking at the quality of the wiring on his own Drag prepped Renault 5; if i wasnt able to do it myself i'd happily send the car to him for wiring as well!

    Now if my testament isnt good enough he also now maps the T Lex; and he was the man who mapped the Exocet thats on the forum.

    Another recent job he took on and ive followed on facebook was a twin engined Corsa that is making some serious power!

    Welcome to EFI Parts! Standalone ECU shop, sensors, connectors, wideband & more. Rolling road & Renault RS specialist. Dealers for Syvecs, Link, Adaptronic & Omex.
    OutlawJapClub Admin Team

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    I Vouch for EFI-Parts and Scoff 110% absolute genuine guy. Thanks to Stavs recommendation i travelled all the way from norfolk and was well worth it!!
    OutlawJapClub Admin Team


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      I will have to look into him when I need mine mapping

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        you wont regret it
        OutlawJapClub Admin Team