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Been away a while.

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  • Been away a while.

    Long story short. So the 260 got sold as I lost my job and needed the cash flow. Got a job bought a property lost my job again. Found work but only part time. Got used and emotionally abused but continued on with it as it kept us on our feet just. About 3 months later tipped off about a job in my profession. Jumped at it and rang the director direct. Offered it the next day. Needed a car so salary sacrafised this. Ordered October delivered January.

    Its an eco boost PP package custom decals tints and Fraud care package. 20 year interia 20 year exterior 5 year warranty and life time RAA cover for as long as I own the car.

    Only mods I've currently done are
    performance filter
    Front mud flaps
    re cerc pipe removed and vented to atmosphere.

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    Sorry that didn't go so well from the phone had to jump on to the computer.

    Anyway I'll let the pictures do the talking hopefully second time around. These are actually post the decals when i found out whats going on with Photobucket ill upload more recent ones.

    If you have any questions fire away.


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      I have to say i think that looks quite smart

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      Contact me to get your video hosted on the club YouTube Account


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        Thanks its just starting to free up at 15000km


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          Welcome back!

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